Review: Heart of Rocky by Kelsey Jordan


Book Description

The Takeover
Tor Omar James, King of the North African pride, needs one woman if he has any hope of keeping his sanity – Anise, his Soul’s Mate. There’s only one problem: she’s pregnant by Derrick, Tor of the United States pride. Anise is caught between the love that every Lycan covets and the motherly devotion to the son she would sacrifice so much for. Can Omar survive the takeover of the US pride and convince Anise that he is more man than lion?

The Defender
Asim Tyson, the Defender of the Hafiz, is fighting off the insanity of his longing after losing his Soul’s Mate in battle. Unfortunately, his self-centered existence results in the gross neglect of his people when they need him the most. When Harmony appears in his life, he is forced to make a choice. Should he resist the lure of Harmony’s caustic melody or embrace his weakness in order to keep her safe?


The Takeover

Can you imagine a word that you knew who your soul mate was? How easy would that be? There it’s that one over there. Forget about all the heart ache at having to find that one person.

Omar James knew who his soul mate was, the problem was she was married to another man and having his baby. To get to her he had to take over the US pride. Their Tor was his mates husband, Derek and may I add a total schmuck. How Derek treated Anise while she was delivering his baby was despicable. I wanted to go through the book and strangle him myself. I had stronger words in mind however not very PG. Anise, Omar’s soul mate and married to Derrick knows that Omar is coming to take over, she is happy to see Derrick go to his death but at what cost, her sons? Omar not only has to win the take over but worse win his mates trust over her son.

The Defender:

Now imagine finding that one person for you, then losing them or not being able to have them.   Maybe not knowing you have a soul mate is a way to go after all.

Tyson lost his soul mate and has not been the same since.  In Tyson’s world not being with your soul mate can make you insane.   In Tyson’s case insane, not really, self absorbed maybe.  Ok more than maybe, he has neglected his people for way too long.  It has taken a woman named Harmony to open his eyes and see whats going on around him.  Is that enough though.

Omar and Tyson were strong powerful men fighting for their soul mates in one form or another Equally important the woman in their lives were a force to be reckoned with themselves even though they had gotten themselves in bad situations.   Anise with the wrong man and Harmony the wrong place at the wrong time. Both not letting the situations get the best of them, which trust me once you read you wonder if they can emotionally be the same again. Heart of Rocky was not one story but two novellas together.  You really did not need to read one to understand the other. The plots were well laid out with an easy flow.  At times Kelsey Jordan told you rather than showed you which could get a little confusing.  All in all both stories were interesting and different and I liked them, you would enjoy as well.

4 stars


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