Book Review: Jinxed by Donna Augustine


Book Description

Karma, it’s what they call me and the very essence of who I am. When I died young, I was recruited by the agency that keeps the Universe running smoothly. As someone with a human past, most of my coworkers consider me inferior.

But not everyone. Something evil has been stalking me for centuries. It’s been biding its time, waiting for the moment when it will strike and it needs me to to do it.

Its methods of recruitment are tearing apart every aspect of my life. I’m slowly losing myself, both mentally and physically. I don’t know who I can count on but I am finding out how much I’m willing to sacrifice to save the ones I care about.

Book Review

Instructions not included… In the second book of the series, Karma is starting to settle into her new position in the universe. However, she is fed up with being left in the dark at her new job, so she decides to write an instructional manual for the next person who may take over. It’s Taboo but everyone seems to want to take part.

In addition, things are really starting to heat up between Karma and Fate, in more ways than you can imagine. An evil presence who has been biding his time stalking Karma her whole life, wants to recruit her. He is pulling her in having her to do his dirty work. If she wants to save the people she loves she has no choice. Karma is losing herself in the process. It is becoming too much, will she make it through especially since she is unable to ask for help.

I highly recommend the Karma series, it is captivating and enjoyable. Karma is a strong willed woman who attempts to take on the world herself. I love the characters especially Cupid, everyone runs and hides from him. It is quite funny how Donna Augustine portrays him. Actually it is funny how she portrays all of the characters in the agency. However with Jinxed she also takes you to the darker side of the universe managing to send shivers down your spine.

This series is definitely recommended

5 Stars





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