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Review: Caressed by Night by Amanda J. Greene

Vampire rises from the dead! Wait aren’t vampires already dead? Not Dimitri Arsov the last pure blood vampire to roam the earth. Dimitri faked his death some 400 years ago.  The vampire killer, Ven who has been king since Dimitri’s so called death should have died 200 years ago because of the ancient curse to all vampire kings.  The curse that takes their lives if they don’t find their true mates however technically Dimitri did not die therefore theoretically Ven is not really king. Shh he does not know that since he himself watched Dimitri die when he killed him.  Dimitri is now back and ready to take back his throne and go get his true mate which he knows lives in Las Vegas somewhere.

Kerstyn Ingmar had a very bad week. She barely escapes thugs chasing her into an alley. She was rescued by a gorgeous hunk of a man and did not even get his number.  Then she comes home to find her roommate aka best friend since like grammar school wants her out because she thinks she slept with her boyfriend, seriously? With nowhere to go Kerstyn’s friend Sylvie suggests a friend of hers that would be ok to rent a room to her. Low and behold guess who answers the door.

This is the second book in the series, as with the first I loved this one just the same. Greene really knows how to deliver a great story.  It was gripping, romantic and heartfelt.  You felt the instant love between Dimitri and Kerstyn and lastly your heart goes out to the vampires of what they endured in their pasts.  Their guilt of their actions and worse their emotional turmoil of who they really were, they thought of themselves as beasts.  Were they really or were they just a product of the situations they were put in.

Don’t we all have a past, does that mean we are all beasts?  I don’t think so.