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Book Review: Viper Game (GhostWalkers book 11) by Christine Feehan


Book Description:

Hailed as “the queen of paranormal romance” by J.R. Ward, #1 New York Times bestselling author “Christine Feehan continues to amaze readers” (The Eternal Night) with her phenomenal novels. Now, from the author of the Dark Carpathian series, comes the newest in Christine Feehan’s explosive GhostWalker series…

GhostWalker Wyatt Fontenot knows the price he paid for the secret military experiments that gave him his special catlike abilities. After all, he left his bayou home a healer and came back a killer. While Wyatt and his GhostWalker brother Gator may have known exactly the sort of game they were getting into, Wyatt never anticipated where it would lead—or to whom.

The swamps hold many mysteries, but few are as sinuously seductive as Le Poivre de Cayenne. The woman the locals call Pepper is every bit as enigmatic as the three little girls she’s desperately trying to protect. From what, Wyatt is soon to discover. Right now Pepper needs a man like Wyatt. Passionately. But her secrets are about to take them both deeper into the bayou than either imagined—where desire is the deadliest poison of all.




Book Review:

Wyatt Fontenot is part of a secret military experiment, he had been altered with catlike abilities. He came home to his Nonny to find she had been bullied by a group of men on the other side of the bayou. He knew the place and who was running it, but what did they have to do with his Nonny and who on earth would bully a little old woman.  Something was not adding up. Wyatt was on a mission to find out and to scare the men who pushed her down. What he did not expect was finding Pepper and what came with her.

Pepper also altered but not by choice was running for her life and the life of the child she was trying to save.   In the process they got hurt, she needed help.  She had to get to the house across the Bayou.  The old woman who lived there would leave blankets and food on her porch at night.   The old woman also known as Nonny had no idea what was out there, but she left the items anyway. Pepper knew she would help but the help she ended up getting was not what she expected and from whom.

A fight for truth, for life and most of all freedom.  What is a life if you can’t live it freely? Feehan portrayed exactly that in this book.   Pepper needed help it was not just for her but for three little girls who also was given no choice.   What they did to these girls and are still doing because Pepper could only run with one is unimaginable.  Pepper who was already strong is now stronger with Wyatt and his crew by her side.  They will stop at nothing to get those girls out, even if it means their own lives.

The passion between Wyatt and Pepper was intense to say the least.  This is where the story fell a little. The passion was too intense for this story and Wyatt’s domineering and jealous personality added no value.   The story in itself pulled you in, but these parts pulled you out.

Viper Game was a not a favorite however It is a series that I recommend

3 Stars



Book Review & Rafflecopter: Dark Siren by Eden Ashley



To survive, their bond must be unbreakable.

When the mysterious and passionate Rhane rescues Kali from an attacker in the theater parking lot, they form an immediate, smoldering connection. But Kali doesn’t remember Rhane or anything from their past. As far as Kali knows, she’s just a seventeen-year-old kid coping with an insatiable hunger for the “spark” or energy of others, feeding on classmates to survive.

A unique artifact—one that may hold the key to returning Kali’s memories—is uncovered by the archaeology firm where she works part-time, sending Kali and Rhane on a dangerous journey that leads them to the Forbidden City, into the unforgiving Gobi, and into the ruins of Rhane’s ancient homeland. As they fight for survival, Kali begins to discover who she really is and the true power she possesses.

But Rhane still harbors a secret that could destroy Kali…unless old enemies kill her first.


I’m Eden Ashley and I was born and raised in a small, sunny town in South Carolina. However, it’s the thunderstorms that inspire my best ideas. There are few things I love more than curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee on a rainy day, (except maybe chocolate cake. I love cake.) often reading into the wee hours of morning when something really grabs me. I pretty much love anything with supernatural elements, so writing paranormal romance and fantasy romance seems to be a natural fit.

My first novel, Dark Siren, is best described as paranormal romance artfully wrapped within a plot chock-full of action, adventure, and edge-of-your-seat suspense, while the series has evolved to become a journey of redemption and second chances as two characters understand that sometimes committing evil is necessary to protect what is loved most. I took the siren from Greek mythology (and borrowed a little from mermaid lore), creating an entirely different creature, with its own mythology, and one that Publisher’s Weekly praised for its passion and complexity. This is not just another werewolf/shapeshifter romance or vampire romance. I think this is a story that both adults and teens can enjoy, full of characters to fall in love with!

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Book Review:

This book had a catchy start, likable characters and and interesting storyline. But, and there always is a but, it took a long time to build up steam.

Let’s start with the positive. Kali was an interesting young woman with a unique ability to steal the life force from others. Her leading man, Rhane, was a nice compliment to her character and was tough in all the places you wanted him to be. The storyline was interesting and original.

Now to the dark side of things. It took a long to get into the story.  I started losing interest until I hit the halfway mark.  At that point things take an upturn and the pacing is much better.  In the end, you are still left with questions and it is a bit cliffy however, I’ll probably be checking out the next book in the series.

3. 5 Stars

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Book Review: The King by J.R. Ward


Book Description

Long live the King… Less

After turning his back on the throne for centuries, Wrath, son of Wrath, finally assumed his father’s mantle–with the help of his beloved mate. But the crown sets heavily on his head. As the war with the ening Society rages on, and the threat from the Band of Bastards truly hits home, he is forced to make choices that put everything–and everyone–at risk.